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6 good reasons to trust us with your newsletter and email marketing management

You deserve the best bang for your buck. As a marketing boutique here in Kelowna, BC, we get our clients the amazing email marketing results that are usually seen by companies with millions to spend on their email campaigns.

We use the best tools that exist for creating and measuring great email campaigns. 

Oof Digital offers pricing that suits the reality of marketing to your customers. We pride ourselves on being an email marketing company that focuses on realistic pricing for our clients.

We look after everything. Email design, managing email lists on Shopify, Sendinblue, Klaviyo and more are taken care of for you. We also manage sending the emails and reporting the findings back to you.

We provide great reports that will show you the real impact of your amazing new drip campaigns, newsletter sign-ups, and how it impacts how you can market your website.

Our emails include an A/B test that let’s you maximize the impact of your company’s email campaigns.

Email provides a great way to spaek to your potential, current, and tenured customers. We help you speak to them as individuals and not as numbers. The results speak for themselves.

Are you serious about sending meaningful emails?

Reach out today and let us know about where you want to take your business.

Our Email Marketing Strategy

Why use email and newsletter marketing?

E-mail Marketing has the largest return on investment of any marketing strategy that exists online. Sending an email costs almost nothing, and when you generate sales and leads through it costs nothing aswell.

However, it must still be a priority to find a way to collect new emails and speak to the emails you’ve already collected. Different strategies working together can be very profitable and pleasurable.

To be frank, giving context to the emails that you’ve collected is essential. Rather than sending the same message to everyone, we can help you create customer email segments. This way, you can reach the portions of your email lists that are most likely to purchase. 

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Email Marketing & Newsletters

Experts at your serivce

The content marketing team at Oof Digital will help you design emails and high quality newsletters. But beyond that, we’re here to support you at a business level too. We can consult with you to help teach you how to capture emails, what to send and to whom and at which times. 

Our content team is make up of 3 people.

The most frequently asked questions about email

What is the best time to send an email?

Many of the best email tools have artificial intelligence that you can use to to speak to your clients when it's most convenient to them. Our team can use these to help you speak to your clients at the perfect times.

Does email for people in my industry?

We have experience in most industries. Finance, E-commerce, Law, Retail, Hotel's, Restaurants and others. Drip Campaigns, and newsletters can be automatic, cost effective as long as you have customers that want to learn more about you.

Some of our amazing clients